100 Quotes by Albert Einstein, Ljudbok

100 Quotes by Albert Einstein, Ljudbok
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‘100 Quotes by Albert Einstein’ is a collection of thoughts, discoveries, and reflections from one of the greatest minds the world has ever known. Ideal for those who want to get to know the man behind the formula, it offers an incisive introduction to his views, without having to wade through scientific papers. Often funny, sometimes surprising, and always bristling with uncanny intelligence, this assembly of quotes is sure to spark thought-provoking conversation. A superb coffee-table addition, there’s plenty for fans of science, philosophy, and art.Possibly the most recognisable figure in scientific history, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) was born in Germany but moved with his family to Switzerland at the age of four. An outstanding student, he found an interest in maths and physics, even going so far as to educate himself in Euclidian geometry and algebra during a summer break.By the age of 29, he had established himself as a noteworthy scientist and lectured in electrodynamics at the University of Bern. However, an offer from the Prussian Academy of Sciences allowed him to eschew lecturing, in favour of furthering his studies.Einstein is most famous for his Theory of Relativity, resulting in the much-quoted formula, ‘E=mc2’. However, beyond that, he wrote countless papers, some dealing with social and philosophical issues.