A Bigger Picture

A Bigger Picture
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'Vanessa Nakate continues to teach a most critical lesson. She reminds us that while we may all be in the same storm, we are not all in the same boat.' - Greta Thunberg

In telling the inspiring personal story of how she found her voice, Vanessa shows readers that no matter your age, location or skin colour, you can be an effective activist.

In A Bigger Picture, Vanessa Nakate exposes the shortcomings of imagining the climate crisis as a problem for future generations. This is only possible through the erasure of communities living in the Global South, where environmental disasters are already having a devastating impact.

Despite this, people from the Global South are often removed from the picture of climate activism - as exemplified by Vanessa's own erasure from a press photograph at Davos in 2020. As she explains, 'we are on the front line, but we are not on the front page.'

Witnessing the destructive effects of global warming in her own community propelled Vanessa to become the first climate striker in Uganda at just twenty-one years old. In this exceptional book, she traces the links between the climate crisis and anti-racism, feminism, economics and even extremist radicalization, revealing how our best hope of saving our planet is to work together across continents.