A hole in the wall, E-bok

A hole in the wall, E-bok
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Hans regret the choices he made in life and have grown tired of their everyday lives. Behind a hole in a toilet cubicles in a public bathroom, he finds something that will make him feel alive again.Tobias Myrbakk write stories about what is hidden in darkness. A mixture of fear and melancholy. Most of the stories he writes unfolds in a realistic environment with dark flakes of monstrosity sprinkled on top. The characters and events in his stories are symbols of the society we live in today what we crave and fear.Tobias has previously issued a collection of short stories Mörkerskära (2009), the poetry collection Mental självstympning (2011) and has appeared in numerous anthologies. A hole in the wall is his first short story translated to english by Andrew Drobny.