A Retrieved Reformation, E-bok

A Retrieved Reformation, E-bok
Kategorier: Noveller
Brand: Saga Egmont
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Do you believe that people can change? Can a bank robber marry the banker’s daughter without having any hidden thoughts and intentions? A Retrieved Reformation tells the story of Jimmy, a formal prisoner, who decides to quit violating the law in the name of love. He takes up a new identity and starts a new life as an honorable man. However he is about to face a choice which can cost him his future. Will he sacrifice himself in order to save a child in danger or he will prefer to keep his old identity in secret? William Sydney Porter, better known as O. Henry, was an American writer who lived in the late 19th century. He gains wide popularity with his short stories which often take place either in New York or some small American towns. The plot twists and the surprise endings are a typical and integral part of O. Henry’s short stories. Some of his best known works are The Gift of the Magi , The Cop and the Anthem , A Retrieved Reformation . His stories often deal with ordinary people and the individual aspects of life. As a result of the outstanding literature legacy that O. Henry left behind, there is an American annual award after his name, given to exceptional short stories.