A Three-Step Waltz - Erotic short story, E-bok

A Three-Step Waltz - Erotic short story, E-bok
Kategorier: Noveller
Brand: LUST
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Since that day, almost eleven years now, we have been inseparable, loving, we share everything - or almost everything. Everything except sex. Caroline is a dancer and dreams of the day when her partner since forever, her soulmate Ruben, will finally take her. Waiting for him to decide, she fantasizes about that magic moment, that first time.One weekend in Bordeaux, where her family lives, she meets Madhi. His bewitching and powerful dark skin will take her further than a spin on a dance floor, he will sweep her into an intense whirlwind of delicious sensations, to finally make her everlasting dream come true…And what if it turned out that what was missing for Ruben was a little extra motivation? A Three-Step Waltz…Alicia Luz is a French romance writer and hypnotherapist. In her early thirties, in search of new and unprecedented sensations, she launched a career in erotica. She enjoys arranging words in such a way that makes the reader dream and fantasize. She also likes putting together shapes and colours to better enthral the reader. Find her on Instagram @alicia.luz.auteure