Cigar Journal

Cigar Journal
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This Cigar Journal, a dossier is a perfect way to keep track of all your cigar smoking tastings. You will want to write about your experiences so you can remember which cigars are good and you like them or not so much and not your favorite that you smoked. Contains space for over 100 cigar reviews. Each page includes a place to record:

  • Name Of Cigar - Write the Name of the Cigar.
  • Brand - Record the Brand.
  • Origin - Log where the Cigar was made.
  • Price - For writing the Cost of the Cigar.
  • Date - When did you purchase.
  • Length/ Ring Size - Write the Length and Ring Size.
  • Buy Again? - Would you buy this Cigar again?
  • Affix Label - Place to attach the wrapper.
  • Flavor Wheel - Allows you to record the flavor (linger/ finish, body, leather, oily, bitter, earthy, woody, nutty, chocolate, toffee, vanilla, sweet, spicy, herbal, tropical fruit, dark fruit).
  • Rating - Rate overall with 1-5 stars.
  • Flavor Strength - Full, Medium Full, Medium, Mild, Mellow.
  • Notes - Make note of any other important details.

Designed for the cigar lover in your life. Makes a great gift idea to buy for Father's Day, Birthday or Christmas. For man or woman alike. Easy to use. Size is 8x10 inches, 110 pages, soft matte finish cover, white paper, paperback.