Emperor, Ljudbok

Emperor, Ljudbok
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A gripping historical thriller and the third instalment in the Rome s Invincibles saga. The battle for control of Rome continues. Octavian has defeated and killed Caesar s assassins, but the road to absolute power is still long and treacherous. A threat now comes from Sextus Pompeius - a cunning pirate who rules the Italian coastline, terrorising Perugia s citizens. Suddenly, Civil War seems like child s play in comparison to a campaign against piracy. Octavian is close to defeat and death. Everything seems to conspire against him: his enemy appears divinely blessed, public opinion is against him, the soldiers lack confidence in their commander, and rebellion is just around the corner…A thrilling, fast-paced historical adventure, that will hook fans of Conn Iggudlen, Robert Harris and Damion Hunter. Andrea Frediani is an Italian author and academic. He has published several non-fiction books as well as historical novels including the Invincible series and the Dictator trilogy. His works have been translated into seven languages.