Fast Delivery, E-bok

Fast Delivery, E-bok
Kategorier: Noveller
Brand: Cupido
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Woman - Woman. Man - Man. Bisexuality. Flexible. Queer. Some have never questioned their homosexuality. Others are in a straight marriage with kids when suddenly their best friend makes their nipples erect, or a touch from their best mate makes their cock hard. This is a collection of erotic short stories from Cupido. This collection includes the following stories: She was a little envious at first with Christine. She had a way with men that most women didn’t. What made her so special? X-Lady by Cecilie, Ålesund It was her first week delivering packages for Qwikfoot Delivery. Did she blush when Mabel lost her towel while signing for her package? - Fast Delivery by Kathy Vickers On a bright beach in a world where the night is worth more than the day, everything stood still. The world was their dream world, and they could do whatever they liked. Suitors in the Midnight Sun by Lise, Trondheim