Parnassus on Wheels, E-bok

Parnassus on Wheels, E-bok
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Parnassus on Wheels (1917) was Christopher Morley’s first published novel. It tells the story of Roger Mifflin, who sells his travelling book business to 39-year-old Helen McGill. The latter is tired of taking care of her ailing older brother Andrew, a businessman, farmer, and author. The novel is told from the perspective of Mrs McGill and was in part inspired by David Grayson’s novel The Friendly Road. Morley wrote a sequel to this story called The Haunted Bookshop. Christopher Morley (1890-1957) was an American author, poet and journalist from Pennsylvania. His father was a mathematics professor and his mother a violinist. The family moved to Baltimore, Maryland, in 1900 and he later studied modern history at Oxford. After getting his degree, he moved back to America and married Helen Booth Fairchild, with whom he had four children. Morley was a prolific writer and is remembered for novels such as Parnassus on Wheels (1917), The Haunted Bookshop (1918), Thunder on the Left (1925), and Kitty Foyle (1939).