Separated Together

Separated Together
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Before World War II, Abe and Sonia Huberman were two soulmates happily married and in love, living a peaceful life with their family in Warsaw, Poland. But while Abe was away, on a short business trip to America, World War II broke out and the Nazis invaded. Abe was stranded far from home, while Sonia was left alone with their two young children to face the Nazis. This is the story of her bravery, of Sonia's survival of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and Nazi death camps, including the notorious Auschwitz. What was supposed to be a separation of seven weeks turned into one of seven years.

This is the story of their love, of soulmates reunited against all odds. Learn about history through the lens of this inspirational account that serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit.