Spook Country

Spook Country
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Spook Country - a gripping spy thriller by William Gibson, bestselling author of Neuromancer

What happens when old spies come out to play one last game?

In New York a young Cuban called Tito is passing iPods to a mysterious old man. Such activities do not go unnoticed, however, in these early days of the War on Terror and across the city an ex-military man named Brown is tracking Tito's movements. Meanwhile in LA, journalist Hollis Henry is on the trail of Bobby Chombo, who appears to know too much about military systems for his own good. With Bobby missing and the trail cold, Hollis digs deeper and is drawn into the final moves of a chilling game played out by men with old scores to settle . . .

'A cool, sophisticated thriller' Financial Times

'Among our most fascinating novelists ... unmissable' Daily Telegraph

'I'd call the book brilliant and original if only I were certain I understood it' Literary Review

'Superb, brilliant. A compulsive and deeply intelligent literary thriller' New Statesman

'A neat, up-to-the-minute spy thriller' Metro

William Gibson is a prophet and a satirist, a black comedian and an outstanding architect of cool. Readers of Neal Stephenson, Ray Bradbury and Iain M. Banks will love this book. Spook Country is the second novel in the Blue Ant trilogy - read Pattern Recognition and Zero History for more.

William Gibson's first novel Neuromancer sold more than six million copies worldwide. Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive completed his first trilogy. He has since written six further novels, moving gradually away from science fiction and futuristic work, instead writing about the strange contemporary world we inhabit. His most recent novels include Pattern Recognition, Spook Country and Zero History. His non-fiction collection, Distrust That Particular Flavor, compiles assorted writings and journalism from across his career. His most recent novel is The Peripheral.