The Enchanted Castle 2 - Chivalrous Love, Ljudbok

The Enchanted Castle 2 - Chivalrous Love, Ljudbok
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Brand: Saga Egmont
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There is a party in the great hall in King Arthur’s court. Among the participants, there is a young damsel and a young knight who hate each other. Can the three girls make their hearts melt? This is the second book in a series of 12 about The Enchanted Castle.Peter Gotthardt was born in Denmark close to Copenhagen in 1946. As a child he loved to read, and spent much of his time reading his way through his local library s collections of history and adventure books.Gotthardt has written more than 60 books for children of which many are set within the realm of the Elves.The Enchanted Castle is a series about three girls, who find an enchanted castle, where the most incredible things can happen. Every time the girls Stick, Pop and Mane visit it, they end up in a new exciting world.