The Red-Headed League, E-bok

The Red-Headed League, E-bok
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The pawnbroker Jabez Wilson comes to Sherlock Holmes because his suspicions for his weird but well-paid job got bigger. He was actually hired solely because of his flamboyant red hair. Wilson had to copy the Encyclopaedia Britannica four hours a day but suddenly the office was closed without any explanation. Will Holmes find out what the Red-Headed League was aiming? The Red-Headed League is part of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes .Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) was born in Scotland and studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh. After his studies, he worked as a ship’s surgeon on various boats. During the Second Boer War, he was an army doctor in South Africa. When he came back to the United Kingdom, he opened his own practice and started writing crime books. He is best known for his thrilling stories about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. He published four novels and more than 50 short-stories starring the detective and Dr Watson, and they play an important role in the history of crime fiction. Other than the Sherlock Holmes series, Doyle wrote around thirty more books, in genres such as science-fiction, fantasy, historical novels, but also poetry, plays, and non-fiction.