TigerLily, early spring bloom, E-bok

TigerLily, early spring bloom, E-bok
Kategorier: Romaner
Brand: Visto förlag
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Meet TigerLily and let yourself be inspired by the story s vibrant New York setting. Against the backdrop of this fast-paced city, the young female protagonist discovers ways in which to re-unite her physical existence with her innate spiritual nature. The city that never sleeps, causes a profound stir in the young woman. We follow her as she emerges from the dream of the everyday reality and enters into a state of greater wakefulness. Her awakening is the beginning of the end of everything she once believed to be true. A tale that entertains with its dynamic exterior, but that also succeeds in drawing the reader deeper into the more reflective intuitive interior. The reader is taken behind the scenes,beyond the story-line, to a place that can be defined as the the inner essence . The place where the tale has its origin. A warm, inspiring book filled with wisdom and humour. A book that was written not just to be experienced with the senses but even with the heart and the soul.