Tough Mothers

Tough Mothers
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The Mother Who Sued to Save Her Children from Slavery-Sojourner Truth

The Mother of Rock n' Roll-Sister Rosetta Tharpe

The Mother of Holocaust Children-Irena Sendler

The Mother of Free Burma-Aung San Suu Kyi

The Mother of Egyptian Feminism-Huda Sha'arawi

Mothers are invincible, come in all forms, and will do anything to protect the ones they love. They possess an inherent fierceness, that "maternal instinct" that goes into overdrive when those they are called on to protect are threatened. In Tough Mothers, the new book from the creator of Rejected Princesses, fifty such matriarchs are showcased in deeply researched, lively entries accompanied with the same "Princess" style art as featured in the first book.

These women were mothers in the literal sense who fought to protect their children are also "mothers" of artistic movements, inventions, social causes, and even nations. Spanning from Ancient times to modern day, and locales all over the globe, Jason Porath has once again created shined a spotlight on lesser known figures, but important women who have changed the course of history.